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5 Ways to Get Re-Inspired

Emma Kate talks about ways to regain inspiration when it has faded.

Beating a Writing Slump

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk all about how to defeat writer’s block.

Breaking Down the Wall

E. Latimer talks about getting stuck halfway through writing your book.

Broaden Your Mind

Calyn Morgan channels her inner Professor Trelawney and tells you to come at your story from a different direction when you’re in a slump.


Desiraye Williams talks about those times when you might overwork yourself and face creative burnout. Here are her tips for saving yourself from that burnout!

Butt In Chair!

Desiraye Williams talks about getting over the mental hurdle of actually sitting down to write.

Community Collab: Writer Problems

The WordNerds join forces with other authors to talk about the writing problems they’ve faced recently, and what they did to overcome it!

Defeating Writer’s Block

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk about what typically causes their writer’s blocks and what they do to defeat it!

Dr. Seuss Quotes

Kellie Sheridan shares some Dr. Seuss quotes that inspire her and might help you get through your writing slump.

Four Ways to Make Yourself Write

Meghan talks about ways to help make yourself write when you just don’t want to or when you’re struggling to get into it.

Freewriting +Prompts

Emma Kate talks about using freewriting to get un-stuck when you’re feeling writer’s block.

Getting Out of a Writing Slump

Kellie Sheridan talks about clawing your way through a slump.

Getting Stuck

Erica Crouch talks about getting stuck in front of that terrifying blank page.


Today we’re talking all about beating a writing slump.


Meghan kicks off the year sharing her best suggestions for ways to make yourself write. These are the things most likely to get her butt in the chair and hands on the keyboard. What things work best for you? MAKE WRITING FRIENDS VIA WRITEONCON’S CP MATCH:


Meghan is in a bit of a writing slump.

Inspiration (Or a Lack Thereof)

Calyn Morgan talks about her lack of inspiration and how much it sucks. 😦

Keeping Up Writing While Drained

Meghan gives a few tips for how to keep writing during extended periods of running on empty, when you can’t really afford to take lots of time off.

Keeping Your Writing Momentum

E. Latimer talks about keeping up momentum when the shininess of your shiny idea wears off.

Letting the Story Steep

E. Latimer talks about losing your inspiration halfway through your story–do you need to let the story sit for awhile?

Meghan Chooses Which Idea to Write!

Meghan has been feeling torn on which of her two ideas she should finish. So join her as she vlogs her experience of trying to choose an idea to write! EVERGREEN OASIS WRITING RETREAT:

Motivation and Perseverance

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk about keeping your motivation high and sticking through your projects all the way to “The End.”

New Things

Emma Kate talks about a few things she’s doing to help get her creative energy back up after a minor slump.

Not ready to start writing again yet?

Is anyone else having a terrible writing year so far? Kellie is trying to learn to be okay with this year not going according to plan, and sharing some ideas for how to stay connected with your creative side without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Of Writers and Insecurities

Calyn Morgan talks about the insecurities that lead to writing slumps, and how she uses it as inspiration.

Pick Me Up Quote

Erica Crouch shares a quote to help you when you’re stuck and it feels like nothing is going your way.

Quotes for Writers

E. Latimer shares some quotes that she reads when she’s feeling down in the writer’s block dumps.

Refilling your Creative Well

E. Latimer talks about how taking a break can inspire you to keep working when you get stuck.

Rekindling Interest (AKA Not Setting Your Manuscript on Fire)

E. Latimer talks about how to rekindle interest in your book when the shininess of the idea wears off.


Meghan struggles to pick a new idea to work on (featuring: dinosaurs!).

TFW You Can’t Find Inspiration

Erica Crouch talks about trying to find inspiration and then just NOT.

The Blank Page Blues

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk about sitting down in front of that blank page (or screen) and having no clue what to write.

The Rubber Duck Solution

Erica Crouch tells you how to talk out your story issues when you don’t have any humans to talk out those problems with!

The Sagging, Dragging Middle

Meghan gives tips for when the middle of your book feels like it’s dragging.

The Summer Slump

Kellie Sheridan talks about what to do when it’s summer and you want to do anything but write.


Meghan gives some tips for getting through the oft-dreaded middle of your book. ANOTHER MEGHAN VIDEO ON MIDDLES: WORDNERDS VIDEOS ON ENDINGS: MEGHAN’S VENGEFUL WRAP-UP VIDEO:

Tips for Writing After a Break

Meghan shares some tips for getting back into writing after taking a hiatus from it.


Tonight we talk all about CREATIVITY. Where it comes from, how to foster creativity in your own life, and what to do when you’re feeling blocked!

Waiting Around for Inspiration

E. Latimer talks about how you can’t wait around for inspiration. Go after it with a club!

What to Do When You Feel Like a FAILURE

Today Kellie and Meghan team up to talk all about FAILURE and how to deal with those pesky feels.

When Inspiration Fades

Meghan shares her process for when she’s beginning to lose inspiration on a project and is worried writer’s block might be on the horizon. TIPS FOR FINDING BETA READERS:

When the Words Won’t Come (No Matter What)

Meghan discusses the importance of occasionally taking time off when writer’s block has really got you down.

When You Don’t Feel Inspired (feat. A Ghost)

Erica Crouch talks about needing to take a step away from your work, and how to deal with the anger/frustration that come with lacking inspiration.

Writing by Hand

Emma Kate talks about writing by hand as a method for getting inspired.

Writing Through the Stress

Emma Kate talks about writing and being productive despite all the stress of 2020.

Writing Your Way Out of Writer’s Block

Emma Kate talks about some ways to beat your writer’s block that involve continuing writing.


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