If this is your first time joining us, welcome! If you’ve come in during a moment of silence, don’t fear–this is perfectly normal. We are in the middle of a word sprint. We’ll check back in once the sprint is over, share word counts with one another, and generally cheer each other on. 🙂

This write-in is partnered with, a website that is part word processor, part monster hunting game! Though you don’t need an account to write along with us, we will be referencing the site a lot and battling monsters together, so it would be super fun if you did make an account! Feel free to ask any writing or bookish questions in the discussion section, and we’ll try to answer them in between sprints!


PROMPT #1: Every good carnival story has an amazing cast of characters. Try to get as much of your cast into one room in this warm-up scene. Good luck!

PROMPT #2: Ferris wheel. Send your character someplace high!

PROMPT #3: Tilt-a-Whirl. Give your MC a piece of information that “tilts” their worldview.

PROMPT 4: Cotton candy. Give your character a sweet treat!

PROMPT #5: Carousel. Your character meets a horse (or other carousel-y creature)!

PROMPT #6: Log Flume! Your character experiences a fall.

PROMPT #7: CLIFFHANGER. Have this scene end on a cliffhanger!

PROMPT #8: Colorful lights! Have this scene take place at night, and throw in some colorful lights to illuminate the path.

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