Hiatus Help in Threes

Meghan shares three sets of three things that can help you push through to the end of Camp NaNoWriMo while the WordNerds are on hiatus.

-Write in a new location
-Hand write one page to see if it gets your creative juices flowing
-Make a new playlist, pinterest board, or aesthetic to remind yourself why you love this story

-What’s something that frightens you? Spend a few minutes writing down all the components of it that scared you. Every tiny thing, both physical and mental! Now, using that list as inspiration, write a scene where your one of your characters is frightened.
-Big things should be happening to your character, if you’ve spent the whole month writing their story. Try writing one freeform poem about your character’s current emotional state.
-Choose a scene that you still have to revise, and try writing it from another character’s POV. How does knowing that character’s side of the story change how you can tell the original scene?

-Keep pushing forward. There’s still so much time to reach your goals!
-It’s normal to hate your story!
-You can do all the things!

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