Our Writing Style Alignments

Today the WordNerds join up to do a video on their writing processes, specifically how they match up with the writing style alignments.

THE ORIGINAL TWEET FROM CHEYENNE A LEPKA: https://twitter.com/cheyannealepka/status/1127622119381196800

THE ALIGNMENTS: Lawful Pantser – writes everything in order, uses the flashlight method to get to the end, ends up in strange places, knows random details no one else cares about

Neutral Pantser – writes things as they come to them, not afraid to bounce around, knowing the end makes it boring

Chaotic Pantser – writes completely out of order, what the f*ck is a plot?, loves side fiction and writes whatever they’re excited about

Lawful Plantser – knows the ending and writes towards it, loves to worldbuild, uses character bios/has definitely taken personality tests for their characters

True Plantser – starts an outline, goes off script and ends up in unexpected places, but that’s okay cause this is more interesting anyway

Chaotic Plantser – has an idea of plot when they start, who writes things down??, has to assemble scenes into a frankendraft

Lawful Plotter – has detailed character bios, multi-page outline organized by scene/chapter, probably knows what colour socks their MC wears on Tuesdays

Neutral Plotter – brief outline, likes to use beat sheets, modifies and updates as they go, thinks about writing character bios (rarely does)

Chaotic Plotter – writes little scenes on cards and tries to organize them on a board, writes said scenes out of order, copy and paste is your friend

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