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Mickey Reed on Becoming an Editor

Mickey Reed, professional freelance editor, talks about how you can become an editor.

Talking About Netgalley

Kellie Sheridan talks about her publishing world job–all Netgalley, all the time!

ARC Etiquette

Calyn Morgan talks about the appropriate ways to read/review/handle advanced reader copies of books.

Being Joan of ARCs

Kellie Sheridan talks about working for Spencer Hill Press and how advanced reader copies work from the publisher’s side.

4 Things to Know About Working at the Library

Emma Kate talks about her job at a library and what you might need to do to work in one.

Respecting Published Authors

Rachel Sargeant talks about the importance of respecting published authors even when you hated their books or online persona.

The DOs and DON’Ts of ARCs

Emma Kate talks about the rules of advanced reader copies of books.

How to Get ARCs

Rachel Sargeant shares advice on how to get your hands on advanced reader copies of books.

Side Hustles for Writers

Kellie Sheridan talks about ways that writers and other creatives can make a little money on the side to support their creative endeavors.

Trad Pub 101: What is Going to Auction?

E. Latimer talks about what happens when a book goes to auction.


In this live chat the WordNerds talk all about rejection in the publishing world.

Networking for (Socially Awkward) Authors

Kellie Sheridan shares some networking tips for those of us who hate networking but also want writing/publishing friends.

Why Are Books So Expensive

Rachel Sargeant breaks down where your money actually goes when you buy a book.

How to Get Hired at a Bookstore!

Rachel Sargeant shares some advice for those of you interested in working at a bookstore someday.

Interviewing Academic Editor Allie B Literary

Rachel Sargeant interviews an editor! Allie’s Links: Website: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter:

What Goes Into Cover Design

Rachel Sargeant shares what happens to create all those pretty book covers.

Should Authors Do Negative Book Reviews?

E. Latimer talks about whether or not an author should write a bad review of another author’s book.

Consumerism in the Booktube Community

Rachel Sargeant talks about the emphasis of purchasing new books and only looking for the next big, best thing in the booktube community.

How to Moderate an Author Panel!

Desiraye talks about her experience moderating an author panel at SE-YA Fest, and gives tips for if you need to moderate one!

Why I Quit the Bookstore

Rachel Sargeant talks about how she got a job at a bookstore, the pros and cons of working there, and why she ultimately decided to leave the book store industry.

Master of Library Science: What You Should Know

Emma Kate talks about the things you need to know if you’re considering an MLIS so you can be a librarian.

A Taste of GAME Writing

Kellie talks about what it has been like working for 4thewords, specifically getting involved in some of the writing and planning for their special events, and how writing for games is different than writing novels.

Finding Your Guiding Spirit for Writing + 4thewords Giveaway!

Kellie shares some of a project she’s been working on with 4thewords to create for beings to represent different kinds of writers, guiding ancients to help in the writing process and in all things creative.

Kellie’s Newest Project! (TASKLINS REVEAL)

Kellie unveils the project she’s been working on in 2020! It’s still not quite ready to go out into the world, but she would love your help getting it there! Tasklins is an online productivity tool, built around collecting and caring for virtual pets while exploring the game world and cheering on your friends. Website […]

Ten Years of Bookish Careers

After spending a decade working in book-adjacent jobs, Kellie shares some of her experiences in working with books, authors, marketing and more.


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