Though we do have what feels like a thousand different topics on this site, there are still some videos for writers that didn’t quite fit under any of those umbrellas. You can find them here! To watch all of our miscellaneous writing craft videos, use the playlist. to find a specific video with regards to writing, use the list below or the search bar.

“Tracing” Authors’ Words

Rachel Sargeant talks about how to implement beautiful words into your writing when you read sentences that make you go WOAH.

#1 Writing Advice EVARRR

Calyn Morgan talks about the best writing advice ever–READ.

14k in One Day… How I Did It!

Kellie sheridan had one EPIC writing day. Here she shares her tips on how to have a day like that, yourself.


Meghan shares 20 excuses to give to your family/friends so you can write during the holidays!

3 Elements of a Strong Ending

Emma Kate shares some tips for crafting a good end to your story.

3 Reasons You Should Keep a Writing Journal

E. Latimer diligently keeps a writing journal, and shares why you should, too.

5 Mistakes New Writers Make

E. Latimer shares five of the most common mistakes writers make as they begin their writing/publishing journey.


E. Latimer talks about the songs she listens to to get pumped despite rejections.

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself as a Young Writer

E. Latimer muses over what sort of message she’d give her younger writer self, if she could only get her hands on a time machine.

5 Writetubers to Follow

E. Latimer shares her favorite writetube/authortube channels. KIM CHANCE: ROWAN ELLIS: ALEXA DONNE: ELLEN BROCK: KELSEY MACKE:


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds get pumped about hitting 5,000 subscribers, and also celebrate Erin getting a book deal. And we answer writing questions!

7 Days of Writing

Emma Kate records seven days of writing to hold herself more accountable.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Authors

E. Latimer shares some writing advice based on the habits of famous authors.

7 Things I Do After Getting Rejected

Meghan talks about what she does to cope with rejection.

A Quick Lesson on Set Up And Payoff

Rachel Sargeant gives a mini lesson on how to create a satisfying payoff for readers. Lindsay Ellis’s video on Set Up and Payoff in Mad Max, Fury Road:

A Taste of GAME Writing

Kellie talks about what it has been like working for 4thewords, specifically getting involved in some of the writing and planning for their special events, and how writing for games is different than writing novels.

A WordNerd-y Q&A

It’s that time again… the time when we weren’t sure what topic to discuss so we decided to discuss ALL THE TOPICS.

A WORDNERD-Y Q&A: Writing and Reading Tips and tricks from Authors

In our previous live chat, we noticed there were a ton of questions about writing, reading, and our personal writing lives. So we figured this week, we’d let you all guide the discussion topics! Let us know your bookish and writing questions in the discussion section and we will answer them live! And if there […]

Accountability Buddies

Meghan talks about accountability buddies and how they can be useful as you reach for your writing goals. THE HERO IS YOU by Kendra Levin:

Adventures at WattCon

E. Latimer talks about the inspiration that comes from writing/bookish conferences and shares her awesome experiences at WattCon.

Advice from a Reader’s Perspective

Emma Kate shares the biggest weaknesses she comes across while reading books that have the potential to be fantastic but aren’t quite there.

Advice from Published Authors!

Bestselling authors share their single best piece of writing advice! Authors in this video: Adam Silvera, Lauren Gibaldi, Alwyn Hamilton, Brendan Reichs, Kamilla Benko, Jasmine Warga, Jeff Garvin, Kate Karyus Quinn, Kendare Blake, Tobie Easton, Mackenzie Lee.


Meghan talks about how she wades through all the writing advice to find the best advice for her own writing life.

ALL the Writing Advice

Meghan talks about the wealth of writing advice all over the internet and whether you should try to listen to all of it.

ALL The Writing Spaces!

In this special WordNerds community video, we show off our writing spaces with the help of fellow authors Ellie Moreton, Susan McGrath, Helen Powers, Debbi Mack, Meg Sill, and Brenda Lore. We also talk about why writing is the best ever. 🙂

Am I a Writer If I Haven’t Written in a While?

Meghan talks about taking breaks from writing, and if that makes you less of a writer.

Apps for Writers

Emma Kate recommends some useful apps for aspiring authors. More info about the apps: Focus Keeper: Flora: Todoist: Productive: Evernote: Werdsmith: Brainsparker: The Brainstormer:

Are You an Over-writer or an Under-writer?

E. Latimer talks about overwriters and underwriters.

Are You REALLY Not Good Enough to Write That Idea?

Meghan talks about the myth of needing to wait to write an idea until you are a better writer. She has lots of feels about it! And maybe they make sense who knows.

Ariane Felix: Scrivener Tips

Ariane Felix–writer, YouTuber, and Pitch Wars Alum–talks about her favorite aspects of Scrivener!

Augusta Blythe: Preparing Your Series

Augusta Blythe–author of the Magic Bullet series–talks about how to prepare to write a series of books.

Authors Don’t Owe You Anything

Rachel Sargeant talks about reader entitlement and how authors aren’t obligated to provide readers everything that they want.

Backwards Superpowers

Rachel Sargeant shares some ridiculous super powers that subvert the tropes to help get you inspired to write something unique!

Balancing Backstory

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk all things backstory–when to use it, how much to use, prologues, and more!

Balancing Comparison and Motivation

Meghan talks about the struggle to find a balance between comparing yourself to other authors, and using their successes as inspiration to push forward and better your own writing journey.


Meghan talks about the importance of having not just dreams, but ambition.

Be Prepared

Emma Kate talks about three ways you can prepare for publishing no matter what your stage in the writing process.

Be the Protagonist of Your Own Story!

Desiraye Williams gives you a pep talk. You can do all the things!

Being Confident with Similarities

Rachel Sargeant talks about whether you should write that idea, even though it sounds really similar to another book (or books).

Being Flexible With Your Writing

Rachel talks about giving yourself wiggle room with your writing.


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds share their most and least favorite writing tips.

Best Chrome Extensions for Writers!

Dez recommends the best chrome extensions to help you in your writing life!

Book Recommendations For How To Write Strong Pacing

The WordNerds all stop by to share some of their favorite examples of books with strong pacing in order to help anyone who may be trying to learn how to better set the pacing through their own books.

Break the Rules!

Kellie Sheridan says that when it comes to writing a book, sometimes it’s okay to break the rules!

Butt In Chair!

Desiraye Williams talks about getting over the mental hurdle of actually sitting down to write.

Caroline Leech: Writing Accents

Caroline Leech–YA author of WAIT FOR ME (HarperTeen, Jan 2017)–talks about how to write characters who speak with accents.


Jenny Moyer–author of FLASHFALL (11/15/16, Holt/Fierce Reads)–shares her 20-year journey to publication, and encourages you never to give up!

Checking-In On Your Goals

Emma Kate talks about the importance of re-evaluating your goals.

Close the Door

Write with the door closed. Edit with the door open. –Stephen King (also Emma Kate)

Co-Writing a First Draft

Meghan just finished up a first draft with her coauthor, and now she is sharing their process for getting to that finish line!

Coffee Shop Writing Vlog

Meghan does a vlog of her writing day at the coffee shop.

Constantly Improving Craft

Emma Kate talks about constantly studying the craft of writing, and how you can do that.

Conventions and Announcements and ALL THE FLAILS

In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk about life, going to conventions, and announce that they are going to YALLFest 2015!

Crafting Scenes

Emma Kate talks about the importance of scenes, and how to write a good scene.

Creating Captivating Mystery

Emma Kate talks about how to find the balance between mysterious and confusing.

Creating Character Chemistry

S. Gonzales stops by to talk about creating chemistry between all your characters. Meet S. Gonzales at…


Today we’re starting up the first in a series of chats we’ll be doing about genre! Every other month we’ll be picking a specific genre and doing an in-depth talk about it. But first, let’s talk about genre in general!


This week, we’re looking at the contemporary genre. Why we love it. How to write it. And everything in between.


Today we’re talking all about the past, present, and future of the fantasy genre! Have any questions about tropes, worldbuilding, or anything else regarding fantasy stories? Let us know in the discussion section and we’ll try to answer them live!


Tonight we are talking all bout reading and writing in the horror genre!


Tonight we’re digging deeper into the paranormal genre. What are the tropes, what do we love or hate about it, what is its history, what might its future be, and how to do you write it well? We’ll try to talk about it all!


Today we’re talking all about the sci-fi genre!

Disney and the Monomyth

Emma Kate talks about what it is that makes Disney films so popular…the monomyth.

Do We Owe Our Readers a Happy Ending?

Kellie Sheridan talks about whether we as writers owe our readers the ending that they’ve been hoping for.

Don’t Forget Tension!

Kellie Sheridan says that everything isn’t going wrong for your characters, you need to change something!

Don’t Strive for Perfect

Kellie Sheridan talks about the importance of letting go, and sending your book out into the world.

Don’t Think, Just Write!

Kellie Sheridan recommends free writing to help you clear your mind and get inspired.

Dream Big, Plan Practical

Emma Kate talks about the importance of setting big goals for yourself, but also being practical when it comes to money.

Embrace Criticism!!

Desiraye Williams talks about the importance of criticism for your writing process. It’s okay! Don’t be scared!


Today we’re talking all about endings! How to write a strong ending, endings that sing, etc. etc.

Envy and Jealousy

Emma Kate talks about using envy and jealousy in ways that are productive, and what to do if your writerly jealousy isn’t productive.

Epic Writing Day!

Kellie Sheridan vlogs a writing marathon!

Erin Answers Reddit’s Writing Questions

E. Latimer goes through Reddit’s r/writers and answers some of the questions. Check out Alexa’s original video here:

Erin’s Notebooks

E. Latimer shows off her notebooks and tells you her methods for note-taking and writing in a notebook.

Erin’s Writing Process

E. Latimer does an introduction to her full writing process.

Everyone Can Learn from Patrick Rothfuss

Rachel Sargeant talks about THE NAME OF THE WIND by Pat Rothfuss and how reading it can help you become a better writer.


In this Sunday Special live chat, the WordNerds talk about all things fanfics! And Meghan, Emma Kate, and E. Latimer share excerpts from their teenage fics. 🙂

Favorite First Sentences

Rachel Sargeant shares her favorite first sentences from books.

Fear and Passion

Emma Kate talks about taking on story ideas that scare you, the ones that you’re afraid you can’t pull off.

Finding Your Theme

E. Latimer talks about figuring out the theme of your story.

For Love or Money?

Erica Crouch talks about whether you should write for love or money–or if you really have to choose.

For Love or Money?

Emma Kate talks about whether you should write for love, or write for money.

Free Writing Email Subscriptions

Rachel Sargeant shares a couple of writing subscriptions that can send you writing advice and info about paid writing opportunities.

Good Grief! (Back Up Your Work)

Meghan gives you a friendly reminder to make sure you have backed up your work recently.

How my Writing Process has Changed in Quarantine

E.Latimer talks about how her editing process has changed because of quarantine, and how she’s adapting her process.

How Poetry Helps Your Writing

Rachel Sargeant talks about how learning about poetry can help your fiction.

How to Get Better at Reading

Meghan gives four tips for people who don’t particularly like reading but want to get better at it because they want to be writers.

How to Write a Book

Meghan provides a step-by-step guide to writing your very first book.


Today we’re giving all the advice on writing a book from start to finish.

How to Write a Novel

E. Latimer tells you all of the super-true-totally-not-unimportant ways to write a novel.

How to Write Alternating POVs

E. Latimer talks about how to write alternating points of view in your work.

How to Write Character Injuries

Rachel talks about the ins and outs of injuring your characters.

How We Write

In this Sunday Special live chat, the wordNerds talk about their writing processes and how they have evolved over the years. They also answer all of your burning questions about writing!


Meghan tried to write as many words as she possibly could in 48 hours. Here’s how it went.

In Which Erin Makes a Pledge & Pronounces Monogamous Wrong

E. Latimertalks about getting back into the swing of writing after a break and pledges to finish her work, start something new, and read. And most of all, practice work in progress monogamy.

Including LGBT Characters

Rachel Sargeant talks about the importance of including LGBT characters in your work.

Increasing Tension

Emma Kate talks about increasing conflict in a way that will make readers unable to put your book down, whether it’s a fast-paced thriller or a quieter, character-driven novel.

Inspiration, or Theft?

E. Latimer talks about when your book seems a lot like someone else’s (whether or not you read the work your novel is being compared to).

Internal Inspiration

Emma Kate talks about being proud of your own accomplishments and using them to inspire your writing journey.

INTRO TO: 4TheWords!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of October 3, 2018, 4TheWords has a completely new, awesome interface! I’m planning to do an updated getting started video, but in the meantime, here’s a video from the 4TheWords creator about all the changes to this wonderful site: Meghan talks about 4Thewords, a website they’ll be teaming up with for […]


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